Auerbach is my last name.

It's eight letters long.

It fit.

(Obviously, I got my ucsc account after the switch from 7-character logins.)

Plus, this makes people learn to spell my last name correctly. I really don't care how anyone pronounces it - but proper spelling is nice.

Various people have called me "Zelda" for longer than I can remember. It just seems to fit me. Plus it's not that far a leap from "Rose Ellen", which a lot of people call me, Ellen being my middle name. It's useful for throwing people off when I think that introducing myself as Rose Auerbach is going to elicit responses of, "Oh, Rose was my grandmother's name! She's dead now. I gave the eulogy." (You'd be surprised how often I get that.)

Anyway, I didn't know about acct Zelda until I'd been using it as a forum nickname for ages. Our paths have never actually crossed, oddly enough.

Oh, I'm a lot more creative these days than I was when I created my first account. Honest. But it would be a shame to switch it, after so many people have gone through the trouble of learning to spell my last name.