The story of ansi.

Actually, to tell the story of ansi, I should start with the story of Circe2. In 1991, when I first got my ucscb account, I needed a nickname. In high school my Greek-literature teacher gave me the nickname Circe after reading the Odyssey in class. All my friends called me that, I used it when I was a counselor at Girl Scout Camp (this camp also taught the Time-Warp dance to all the little girls, hehehe)

Naturally, I wanted to choose Circe as my ucscb account nickname. So when I went to sign up, and Circe was taken, I put in "Circe2". It sucked. I had no idea how important nicknames were within the b culture, and mine sure embarrassed me.

So much so, that I wouldn't go to any of the parties, or fud runs, or anything, I felt like such a dork. Occasionally I posted, but didn't even do that too much. Occasionally the original "Circe" got email for me and graciously forwarded it on. I think she was a bit amused by it all. I used Circe2 from 1991-1995.


In 1995 or early 1996 Craig posted about some cool QA jobs at TGV in forum which I read before my ucscb account died. I submitted my resume and got the job. While working there, I met Joel, Karl, and Anne S. There was lots of confusion at work about which Anne was which. Sometimes people would say Anne S. or Anne C. to differentiate. Clearly, being geeks, this morphed into ansi!

At some point, Anne told Joel that they needed to set me up with an account at Tower so I could do this weird icb stuff with them. I needed a nickname and ansi naturally was it.

I'll generally answer to it if people call it out and it is also my car license plate. It fits so well. I think more people should give themselves a name that has meaning to them as they grow up.