Well, i'd like most to thank all the geeks who responded and sent in their stories, duh! It couldn't exist without that.

I'd also like to thank Eric Lipton, Heather Meadows, Peter Lasell, Patrick Farley, for their help and advice for the site construction.

Jon Luini gave me a phat space on to be the permanent home for Login_Lore, and David Van Brink's was the beta-test projekt-box.

The scans for the books were culled from various sites, but the cover image came from Brian Freisinger, a collector of arcane occultia.

And to Logan Tautenhahn, who said, "Done is Beautiful."

And last of all, my thanks go to lettuce, mr.curtain, zenomt, and fleagirl, four of the accounts that first made me go "how'd they get THAT?" and so spawned many, many life-hours of work.