As for my name, since my name is "Aaron Ross Priven", and "aaron" was taken, "aaronrp" was pretty obvious.

Oh. I was fuzzface too, later. When I first got to UCSC I was aaronrp@b. Then they started up the "cats" machines, "si" and "am".

I never, ever thought I would use those machines, so I signed up for "fuzzface" because I thought my brother could use the account to pretend to be two people in email diplomacy. (We were both bearded, hence the rather silly name.)

Later they forced us to consolidate the user names from b and cats to the same name and didn't give me the opportunity to choose which.

I never liked "fuzzface", picked it as an in-joke to my brother when I thought I would never use it, and was extremely irked when I had to end up using it publicly. Oh well. It is the only time I ever picked a pseudonym like that. I've always used some variant of my real name, before or since.