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santa cruz geek food runs


food \'fu:d\ n [ME fode, fr. OE fo-da; akin to OHG fuotar food, fodder, L]
[...] 2: nutriment in solid form [...]

run \'r*n\ \'ran\ vb or ran;
[...] 2a: to go without restraint [...] 2b: to keep company [...] 3a: to go rapidly or hurriedly [...] 3c: to make a quick, easy, or casual trip or visit [...] 1c: to go in pursuit of [...] 9c: a large area of land [...] used for grazing

what makes a food run a food run? the gathering of people, strangers or not, for the purpose of socialization, eating, procrastination, etc. some are planned out many days, even weeks in advance, but some argue that the best are those that have the least amount of lead time. a very large portion of the geek food runs occur during late hours (typically after 11pm and as late as 5am) and therefore result in taking place at such fine late-night dining establishments like denny's, golden west, and lyons.


no one can be quite sure exactly when it started, but in its most common form geek food runs were most popular in the 10 year period between 1987 and 1997 in the santa cruz area. rumors have it that the inital food runs consisted of a think-tank for generating palindromes while ingesting bio-matter for energy, though they have come to encompass nearly every possible purpose that could be created. whether the event be someone's birthday, graduation, last day of a semester at school, the "initiation" of a new member of the geek community, or just an excuse to hang out with friends, these events continue to gather the masses in groups as large as 120 (not a typo) to as small as 2.

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